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Why I Started This Site?

Strange Why! I just got sick of all the crap out there! - So, I decided to bring the real proof to the Real World!

Being retired and well off by age 34, I decided to actually seek out and travel to the very places where paranormal activity is! - That is to say: High up in the Swiss Mountains where UFO's hide; In the middles of the Nevada desert where the underground Alien Bases are; In to the dense jungles of Mexico where lost civilizations artifacts still exist; Down underneath New York city where many of the underground tunnels join; In the waters around Bermuda where, from their underwater Alien bases, they 'pull' their guinea pigs from the air for their crazy experiments; And, believe it or not, in the sky behind the clouds-but in front of the sun where you can actually see the UFO's (with proper filters) pretty much any time of the day!

My personal favorate study? - The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment. Why that, you ask? All because of a little blurb that I read in an official looking document I came across put out by the US Navy division. Her it is:

Hmmm!, Now let me see. A 'science' project that included Albert Einstein, John Von Neumann, David Hilbert, AND Nikola Tesla? Sound like a fun project!!! Why haven't I heard about this one in high school?

Well, Isn't Einstein on of the worlds greatest Physicists? Helped develop the Atomic bomb and ended World War II? Could it be that he was so involved in such a secret experiment that we were not taught this in schools? Lets see: This blurb came from a US Naval document as well.

According to Einsteins FBI File? He had one? Lets look:

Well there is one! These is not to much information on this one! Lets look up what he was doing between July 20 and Aug 20, 1943 (Philadelphia Experiment)...