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A Confidential Discussion of
Alternate Views of the Universe
As Channeled From, Or Told By
Several Extraterrestrial Races!

What are the possible views of the universe? Ancient writings tell one thing, but the extraterrestrial (ET's) tell us of another. This video tape details the various evaluations and creations of man as explained to us by the various Alien races now inhibiting our planet!!!

This is a single video but contains 2 parts. The Extraterrestrial 'Christina' is a very rare and short video documentary (only 20 minuets) so we have included it in our "Alternate Views of the Universe" series.

Editors Note:
These concepts are quite different that what our up bringing has been. If you have strong religious beliefs, or are not prepared to read about the alternate possibilities of our Human origin, then PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE!

Alternate Views of the Universe: Part 1:
...As Channeled By Several Extraterrestrial Races! (55 min)
The Universe According to:
  • National Geographic
  • Billy Myer and the Pleadings
  • The Mormon Bible
  • The Urantia Book
  • The Bible

Part 1-Enter Here!

Alternate Views of the Universe: Part 2:
"I was an Extraterrestrial 'Walk In' From Venus" (20 min)
The Universe According to:
  • Christina, A Human / Alien 'Walk In' From Venus

Part 2-Enter Here!

Special Note about this website:

This video details the differences of the emergence of man from the universe according to the Extraterrestrials. For certain, many amazing observations are made, some beyond the comprehension of the average man!!! Some concepts that are on the video, were deliberately left out here, from this website. The concepts are too advanced that the average person cannon make the paradigm shift easily. What we are saying is that there is more content on the video than what is presented here on the video. For a complete discussion, you must see the videos!