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A Confidential Discussion of the

Alternate Views
of the Universe (Part 1),
As Channeled By
Several Extraterrestrial Races!

What are the possible views of the universe? Ancient writings tell one thing, but the extraterrestrial (ET's) tell us of another. This video tape details the various evaluations creations of man as explained to us by the various Alien races now inhibiting our planet!!!

Alternate views of the universe is presented by Vladimir Terziski, famous UFO and Alien Researcher

Here are the current views:

  • The Universe According to National Geographic:

We are just a little speck! There is little knowledge of where we came from and what we are doing here. We only get descriptions of the vastness of the universe.

  • The Universe According to the Bible:

Much of the teaching are based on witness. The Bible does not talk much about physics. Everything is created by the divine.

  • The Universe According to the Mormon Bible:

The Mormon Bible has a lot of similarities as the Bible does.

  • The Universe According to Billy Myer and the Pleadings:

Ethics and Morals are far more important than anything. The entity "Dell" teachers us the roots of creation. The Pleiadians view of the universe is that there is 10 to 40 'Power Universes that exist, but only within what their realm is. They describes the true vastness of the universes. There is no Trinity according to the Pleiadians. The analogy is that no "Main Frame Computer" in the universe. More like many little "PC's" scattered around the universe.

  • The Universe According to the Urantia Book:

The Urantia book is group of testimonials that is similar to the Holy Bible, except that the information was channeled material from extraterrestrial in 1930's. The information was all channeled through a typewriter by a single person. The manuscript was held for many years, then it was released in 1956.

The concept is that only one major universe exists, complete with 7 surrounding universes. Each sub universe contains billions of other universes. This does not conflict with the writings of the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ was only one voice in the billions of universes. The language of the ET's contains 1 billions words in it. English has only 1 or 200,000 words in it. It is the equivalent of English to sign language. If the relationship of their language to English is converted, then we would only have 50 words in English available to us to describe their teachings. So how can we describe the universe in English?, it is very difficult.

According to the Urantia book, Evolution began in the center of this center universe and expanded outward. There is a division of space and non-space. Their is only a small area of inhabited space in the universe, only about 5-10%.

More educated beings will move into different universe rings.

Many ET's can hear 100 octaves. We as humans can hear only 5 octaves. This leads us to the concept that reality changes according to the frequencies imposed on it. (i.e. as frequencies changes the reality will change also). With humans only having only limited bandwidth of frequencies available to us, our reality is limited.

The 8 Universes theory of the Pleiadians

Reality is created using only thoughts.

There are only 10 basic interactions of energy with 3 variations each. So there are 30 energies in their universe, our physics only know 4!!! So we see only a very small range. Using the above analogy, the Urantia book says that we live in a big "Main Frame Computer" in the center the universe.

The Urantia book does not believe in reincarnation!

Blue print for the structure from the super universes down to the planets is the same as the blueprint for the human body (i.e.. both systems are recycled). All above may seem to be in conflict with each other, but may be different perceptions of the same thing.

This video details the differences of the evaluations of man and the universe according to he Extraterrestrial. Many amazing observations are observed!

Video Tape:
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