Marina Popovitch on UFO's - Part 1:
Motherships & Crash-landed UFO's in the USSR (60 min)

Marina Popovitch

Confession of an ex-military Soviet test pilot reveals the hidden secret of crash-landed UFO's and interconnecting Motherships over Russia - On Video!

Confession of an ex-military Soviet test pilot reveals the hidden secret of crash-landed UFO's and interconnecting Motherships over Russia. Marina Popovitch, is a hero. On this rare UFO video, Marina explains how she was a military test pilot of the soviet Air Force. She comes forward and speaks on Soviet Close Encounters during here 30 year career. She is now a Soviet Ufologist and shows photographs of a crash-landed UFO in the USSR - and of a 16 miles long mothership in orbit around Mars, among many other hot encounter cases.

Marina Popovitch, a highly decorated military test pilot with more than 180 word and Soviet aviation records, over 100 broken aviation world records, walked away un-scratched from half a dozen totaled planes. This video is translated by an interpreter into English from Russian. This is a video of a private lecture for a group of UFO investigators. It is off the books. There are some glitches in this rare tape but the photos and information cannot be found anywhere!

The newsreels turn as Marina Popovitch shows evidence about the UFO crafts over Russia. Huge 200 meter UFO's appeared and was witnessed by hundreds of people, some of which were Government officials.

When the Russian probe took a picture of Hobus, the moon of mars, a shadow was noticed on the moon in the shape of a cigar and moving. The satellite took only one photograph, and then vanished!

Marina Give a Lecture to help people understand what these UFO's and Aliens Are.

She is the only survivor of all of here aviation tests. All the other test pilots over the years have perished and crashed. She walked away from 6 crashed planes. Most records are still not broken today.

She has published a book called "UFO Glocness" detailing all of her UFO contacts and experiences during test runs. Marina Popovitch is highly educated in theology, physics, and other sciences and knows the difference between UFO's and a weather balloon.

Marina Popovitch also has a paranormal psychic ability which may be as a result of here experiences. "Dolphins are a very old species" says Marina. "They are a result of an early race of Dolphin people that provided for early humans". Dolphins that evolved today beach them self voluntary to tell humans that something is wrong and that radiation is destroying the planet and killing off a thinking fish!

Marina speaks about a USSR ship crash and how military went see and they found a female alien injured. They took her to the hospital and she eventually died there.

"With all this evidence, how could anyone not know the truth!!!" Marina Popovitch displays many photos and drawings to numerous to explain here. Some are very rare and have only been seen in North America through this video.

She knows of a yogi that was a prisoner and did not eat for 3 months, and swam 3 miles underwater without breathing. This yogi give the formula for longevity:

  • take cold shower every day
  • walk within nature
  • wish yourself and the planet good health
  • never drink or smoke
  • don't eat at least one day a week
  • Sundays should be a holiday every week
  • don't litter
  • greet everyone around you all the time
  • Relive your head from illness and death
  • do not separate your thoughts from your deeds
  • do your deeds
  • take you place in nature, it is waiting for you and none will take your place

Doctor Marina Popovitch a retired sergeant, explains the encounter she had with UFO's. "I was standing there with 40 other officials when we all witnessed numerous triangular shaped UFO's hovering above us".

On this video, Marina explains about many of the Russian discoveries that have bee suppressed to the rest of the world. Here are some of the highlights:

Marina confesses all to the American News Program "Hard Copy". Some of theses hard to find rare footage is shown on this video.

  1. The special movements of the Earth. The harmony of earth is greatly disrupted. One of the Russian scientists calculated the frequencies of Earth.
  2. They discovered when colbolt is taken out of the ground, the sun reacts immediately to this disturbance of the area where it is removed.
  3. The sun is much much greater in mass than all the planets, however the small planets like earth create a larger than thought influence on the sun by small masses moving in fixed orbits.
  4. Gravitational force has a unknown week interaction.
  5. Nuclear interaction alter unseen forces of the planet.
  6. Weight increases when object spins to the right, and decreases in weight when spinning to the left.
  7. It has been proven that when electromagnetic field enters space, there is a warping of space.

With an explosion, the field travel through space and when it is dispersed, we polarized the space that the field has passed through. Lingering polarization can be detected by psychics and can interpret what has happened in the space previously.

I know what I saw, and no one can tell me that it was balloon, or an airplane. The trust must be heard!

In 1958 a Prof. Bernascki discovered a band around each planet that contains all the history of the life fields that were and are from the history of the each planet. Robert Monroe calls it the "M Band". It is on a non-physical plane. Instruments in Russia can now detect this band. There is a total ethereal field caring emotions such as greed, love etc. One of these elements is discovered in the sphere/band of a space in vacuum. Psychic people can feel this field around the entire nation.

Earth reacts violently to negative thoughts, and emits a type of radiation that increases the feelings that are sent among the people. This negative field influences all other humans and is stronger that nuclear energies. That's why you can see a thick grayish cloud over countries like Iraq and Iran, Armenia, etc.

Here are some things that the Russians are far in advance to the Americans:

  • Russian scientists have confirmed what American scientists have found in the nonphysical - and they are shocking.
  • Anyone can see these negative psychic clouds around people (auras) and the planet. A special training is only required.
  • By using certain frequencies, you can not only influence life by mind control, but also create life itself!!!
  • Hidden secrets about antigravity and the discovery of new scalar fields.
  • Can decrease the half life of radiation using new a new Russian technology.

Video Tape:
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