The Walls of the Pyramids and
David Hamel
The Mysteries of the Unseen

They Took My Stuff Again!

space travel

The David Hamel Signs Autographs:

Once the MIB (men in black) came to his house to take his stuff again. They usually don't know what they are looking for. "Once they came in and took all my stuff. They walked right past a spinning disc on a granite slab, and didn't even know that that was what they were here to get, and they left it behind, Ha Ha Ha, stupid people", David laughs. "I need some support, but if I don't get it, I will still go as far as I can.".

space time magnet

They Took My Stuff Again!

magnetic field
magnet on ship
Rare Photos salvaged from the many raids
You can take the equipment but you cant take the Idea. David Hamel keeps building

David has financed his house, spent his pension check, exhausted his savings account, all for the construction of his free energy machine and antigravity devices, so that the world can all benefit. Walking through the shop, you can see the tens of thousands of dollars spend on machine and tools. "I have to make a lot of my own measuring devices and tools, because no one has them for me to buy!".

'I would like to order a 4.3ml, 18 degrees, left spin, ovular, Granite pinion, with 4 "U" curve wings please! Oh, you don't have one in stock? Gee, guess I have to make one again!'. David Hamel is right. How do you progress when everyone, including the Government, the banks, and the oil tycoons are all against you? Its not easy. But David is determined. "I have financed my house to pay for this stuff so we can all benefit. I don't need the house when I die, but the world will need my inventions when I die! I need to explain to the world the truth!". Some proceeds of video sales got directly to David Hamel, in cash. There is no bureaucracy here.

hamel drive propulsion
telepathy teleportation

Many of the diagrams shown to us from David's shop are fascinating. David tries to explain to us some of them to us. There are hundreds of photos and diagrams on the videos.