The Walls of the Pyramids and
David Hamel
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Hamel talks about the properties of magnets. No, not the properties that we already know from grade school, but the unseen properties. These unheard of properties are very, very complex, even in a simple bar magnet. David tries to explain to us how the magnet has its distribution of the unseen power using diagrams and drawings.

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"There is a tiny, tiny, black hole, right here, and a tiny, tiny, white hole right here. That's where the energy comes from!".

I have watched the video twice now and only when David Hamel explains it do I understand it. After the video is over, I find that I cant explain it again. Strange, very vary strange.

Will David Hamel make history? He already has! Numerous articles have been written about him. David stops to sign an autograph or two.

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In the next part, we will look at David Hamel working in the shop. Here are a few rare unreleased pictures of what is ahead...

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In the meantime, here is a Famous Quote worth thinking about...

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"If you look closely, you will see that the Egyptians were not riding in boats!... Yes, they were ships, but not boats! They were air ships! - UFO's, call them what ever the hell you like!... look here (pointing to a drawing on a pyramid), steering mechanisms, ball bearings, energy generators, control pilots, symbols of energy, oscillating discs... They have no use for this stuff on a boat!!!".

David Hamel, Mar 1998

The Famous 'David Hamel' Formula in the Working

Video Tape:
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