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The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel
and his Contact From Planet Kladen

This information is so Bizarre and unbelievable, that it sounds like science fiction -unless you are the first hand Contactee.
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The David Hamel Story:

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In this is an unbelievable story about the UFO, Paranormal, Extraterrestrial contact, Aliens, Teleportation, Alien Physics: these ET's would show David the principles of Free Energy, Perpetual Motion, Antigravity, Alternate Realities, and Saucer Construction. During David's 20 years of contact, David Hamel will also set straight Ancient Architecture and Early Religious distortions regarding the Bible, the Book of the Dead, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Atlantis, the Pyramids, Stone hinge, and many other ET artifacts left behind during the first two evolutions of planet Earth.

UFO Bases UFO Bases in USA! After hearing about to David Hamel through a strange Coincidence, we drove up to see David in the small town of Gilmore, just north east of Toronto, Canada. The brief information that David had relayed to us by telephone struck our curiosity to meet him as soon as possible. Basically, David is a simple man who has spent most of his life as a carpenter. Although David has had no college or University education, he did put some of his life into the military services-where he had his first UFO encounter, merely by accident some 20 years ago.

David, who in the past has kept relatively calm about his business, is now fairly well known and respected in the free energy circles in Canada and the USA. He's not to well respected by his surrounding farmers who get sudden electrical and power outs or "Earth Quake" tremors every time David starts up his perpetual motion machines or antigravity experiments.
UFO Surprise !!!

David, at that particular time during the war when he saw his first UFO, did not realize that his life would change drastically over or the next 20 years, After which he would have continuous Extraterrestrial contact. These Extra-Terrestrials would show David the principles of Free Energy, Perpetual Motion, Antigravity, Alternate Realities, and Saucer Construction.

Close Encounters of the First kind during the war

David was also set straight regarding Ancient Architecture and Early Religious distortions regarding the Bible, the Book of the Dead, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Atlantis, the Pyramids, Stone hinge, and many other ET artifacts left behind during the first two evolutions of planet Earth.

Learning new Physics is hard-Especially if it has not been invented yet!

 In the Shop...

As we went into his workshop in a barn behind his house, David illustrated to us some of his machines that demonstrate perpetual motion and produce free energy. In his drafting room we see hundred of detailed full color drawings and blueprints all drawn by David by hand, displaying saucer construction and new types of physics that are still yet unrecognizable to the scientific community today.

Out of curiosity, I pointed to one of David's blueprint chart and asked him what it was. David said to me that particular drawing shows the different relationship between time, space, and Kryptonite (Kryptonite - a physical/non-physical substance that is a component of all atoms, that can be used and harnessed to produce Free energy).

 Einstein Physics Revised

He goes on to say that this particular chart (shown above) shows the difference between some of Einsteins models and the newly improved and enhanced models of the atom and the universe. This is similar in retrospect to Einstein improving earlier Newtonian models of motion and space, to the newer Einstein models of relative motion and space. Its not that these earlier models were incorrect, but rather that all then information from earlier models are missing, and as more information is discovered and becomes available, more accurately represented models will be formulated. (this set of drawings are described in more detail in the "Video-Contact from Planet Kladen"). Pretty amazing for a 72 year old man who had no formal education I thought!!!

Science and Physics buffs: Can you figure out These Drawings?

David explains to us how with a small machine he can stop all the cars and trucks passing by on the road in front of his house, and how Government and special Agents (men in black?) unexpectedly appear every time he starts up a new device. They siege it leaving behind only the threat not to do it again. David still doesn't know who these official looking people are.

David Hamel's demonstrates perpetual motion

Perpetual Motion ...
using $5.00 magnets !!!

One of his favorite simple perpetual motion demonstrations is where David takes two ring magnets about 4 inches in diameter and a ball bearing about 3 inches in diameter (as shown left), all of which are in the proper physical dimensions. He aligns them in a certain way on his kitchen table and then the ball bearing and one of the ring magnets start to spin like a top, without using any type of battery or other materials. He gave the three pieces to me and helped me to align them all up correctly. Low and behold, the bearing spun. (This demo and other Prototypes are also shown and described on the Video) .-You won't believe it until it spins in your own hand.

Of the most interesting information that David has to give us is not of the physical models, but of the information about Earth / ET Realities. For examples: ET philosophy, inter-dimensional travel (into alternate pasts, futures, and faster then light travel), Alternate Realities (physical and nonphysical), Extra-Terrestrials (intervention / nonintervention and Purpose), Reason for human being (Why are humans here), Historical ET Artifacts (Stone Hinge-a landing pad/marker, the Pyramids-free energy and electrical conductors/converters, Aztec Calendar-blueprint of ship construction and human genetics), Secret observation places (subzero Antarctica, very deep down in the ocean), Biblical ties (or distorted Biblical ties), the true god (us!, the breath of life). This information is just not obtainable anywhere.

Unusual Flower Buds appear everywhere after contact

A close up of the mystical flower buds found.

Unusual flower buds found everywhere, shortly after Alien contact. They are still green even after 20 years of storage. a gift from the ET's?.

We were so impressed by David that after several visits to his farm, we decided to put together at our cost, a professional Video so that David can explain to you his experiences himself, in his own words. We took some rare footage as David takes a walk through his shop and he shows you some of his projects and principles in his "Theory" room. Everything mentioned above is on the video and theirs much more on the video than can be explained here. Again, the reason for the sale of the Video is two fold, one-to get the information into the hands of the general public, and two, to help raise some money so that David can continue his work to make this world a little nicer to live in. The cost of the Video is only $30.00 each. My Friend Paul O. and I will be sure to give any proceeds due to David Hamel for the continued development of his prototypes. The books and Videos are amazing if you are into this type of case. The type of information found in the Videos simply can not be found anywhere at any price. These are private productions and are not available in stores. If you Order the Book or Video, be sure and Check out our unconditional Guarantee.

 Memorable Quote:

The hell with Einstein, I will explain it better !!!

...David Hamel