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Part 2
The Walls of the Pyramids and
David Hamel
The Mysteries of the Unseen
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"If you look on the walls of the pyramids, you will see my theories"

David Hamel.

David details the how the Neubians inscribed the theory of Free Energy on the walls of the Pyramids!
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propusion artifact

On the this Video, David Hamel explains these Unusual Theories and the Blueprint of the Universe his own words...:

"The Neubians were people that lived long time ago. They were small people. When you look at the Egyptian drawings you will see tall people and small people. The small people were the Neubians.". This is suppressed history. How does David Hamel know? - "I don't know how", says David, "I just don't know!".

"The Neubians were people that lived long time ago. They were small people.

If you look closely, you will see that the Egyptians were not riding in boats. David says: "They were ships, but not boats! They were air ships! - UFO's, call them what ever the hell you like!. Look here...".

hamel photos
hamel drives

David goes on to show what was drawn on the detailed drawings on the walls of the pyramids. David points to steering mechanisms, ball bearings, energy generators, control pilots, symbols of energy, oscillating discs, etc. "They have no use for this stuff on a boat!!!" says David.

photo pyramids
photo pyramids 2
A close up of the markings on the Pyramids. These will later be shown to reveal the hidden energy of Magnets later when we visit "The Drawings" The same photo, but computer enhanced. Compare these to the hidden energy in Magnets Below. More on this later.
atom magnetic

"The theories were written on the walls of the pyramids and the temples, to preserve the formulas over time. Open your eyes!, its there, just look. I'm showing you nothing new. These formulas were known 3,000 years before Christ was born!!!".

space ship drawing

David again goes through his virtually hundreds of drawings and conceptions shown on this video. At his shop and home in Gilmore, you can ask David why there is no final prototype yet of his 'ancient' ship?, and his reply will be: "Look here, this 4 inch granite ball costs me $300. This pinions is custom made out of sold granite. It costs me $3,000. I have 12 of them here. That's Why!"

granite balls
granite wheel

"Some times 'men in black' (Government workers, NASA, Aliens, who knows?) come in with a big truck and take his stuff. Then he as to start buying all over again. This is the reason why there is no final prototype. "...But I will keep working until my final days" says David.

Seeing the Unseen! Using the Invisible Power!
drawing egyptian
"Its all Here", says David Hamel, "Never mind the pictures, look at what they are saying. Here is the information, right here!"