The Walls of the Pyramids and
David Hamel
The Mutation of Matter

The mutation of matter is the way the energy makes matter. David shows us a complex diagram of the mutation of matter, like Free Energy. He overlays the drawing of his ship over a with a photo of stone hinge. The instruments fit exactly. This is where the ship would land. Don't you see it.

invisable keely net
keely net magnet ufo

"Now Look closely", says David. "Here are the granite blocks...". David points to a not very observed area of the stone hinge photo. Yes, I believe they are granite blocks. "This is natures power!", says Hamel. This is the 'hidden' of the pyramids. The ET and UFO's know this!

ufo et alien anti gravity

perpetual mtion

David flips through the many many photos from his personal photo album showing his collection of 'ET' artifacts.

free energy
The information is here, on the stones in of Egypt!

Some of the photos that David shows us seem to have a blur or some kind of double expose.

hamel flying saucer

We asked David what this was. He said that we are filming the unseen energy. You see, the human eye can only see a very specific band width of light. Film, on the other hand, can 'see' some frequencies in the light band that humans cannot see. They appear as blurs or lights, and sometimes even outlines.

David's magnets sometimes appear on the film with a halo. Sometimes you can feel the effects of the invisible. Just ask David's neighbors. They said that they 'felt an earthquake' when his machine was one!

"You can film the 'invisible' if you have the right kind of camera!". These cameras are suppressed from society, but not from David.
extraterrestial lift

"Do you want to know what is hidden it the four corners in the pyramid?, Ha Ha,...", David cries out in laughter. Check out the video and see for yourself!