The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel
Ancient UFO Artifacts on the Pyramids

David will talk to anyone about anything and he always seems to have the correct answer to fit any model that you need an explanation for. The purpose why David felt he has been chosen was to bring this information into the public, to help mankind and put away the old and traditional way of mechanical energy and stop polluting and destroying the Earth. David is not in it for the money. He has nothing to sell, nothing to benefit. All his machines and equipment are built and paid for by him.

David mortgaged his house years ago to pay for the expensive magnets and red granite built exactly to his specs that are needed for his devices (a typical Granite Pinion, custom designed to his specs runs about $3,000.00 each). The plans and information he will freely give to anyone who is sincere and would like to carry it further.

Stone Hinge, says David was a landing pad for a ship. The video "Contact from Planet Kladen" explains the Biblical ties also.