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David, Hamel, Paranormal, Telepathy, Space, Time
The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel
My First Encounter with David Hamel
By Paul O., continued...
David, Hamel, Paranormal, Telepathy, David, Hamel, Paranormal, Alternate, Reality, Future Auras, Worm, Holes,

Then he translates the Egyptian symbology into full scale blueprints using the physics given to him by the Extra-Terrestrials

The final prototype model is then constructed and tested. Daves working models are usually confiscated by officials

As he revealed all of this to us, David grabbed his photo album and Egyptian pyramid books and proceeded to show us the chronology of his project. He delighted in showing us how he was able to craft a model of a free energy/antigravity machine from the pict-o-grams of the pyramids.

David reads the Hyroglithics off the Egyptian artifacts

It was too unbelievable! Here were photos that I had seen many times before, yet, with David's insights, they had a whole new meaning. What was even more astounding was, going out to his workshop and seeing the parts that I had just seen in the photos being shaped and fitted onto his device.

David's confiscated prototype model. Government officials walked right past this model not knowing what it was they were to assigned to confiscate

Some of David's hundreds of drawings sent to the Patent office in Ottawa. Over the past 20 years of filing patents, all seemed to have went missing. He was escorted out by several security guards when he started to complain that his file was empty

David is 71 years old and continues to work every day to realize his mission of giving earth the technology to produce free energy. He is not trying to make a profit on this endeavor, but gives the information away willingly so as to help the planet.

An official document requesting a Patent was submitted to the Ottawa Patent office

He is constantly saving whatever money he can from his pension and putting it towards the next step of his project. It is, unfortunately, a long, slow way to get it completed, but he continues to put all of his efforts and finances towards it.

He has suffered many set backs over the twenty years since his first alien contact. His plans have been stolen, his prototypes confiscated, his home ransacked and he's been monitored, had bombs mailed to him, his patent attempts mysteriously denied ...... but he continues to work every day on a mission that could save the world from its ultimate destruction.

As I type this story, David is on the verge of completing a fully functioning prototype. His moral remains high, yet he is desperate to complete this work while he still can.

There's just too much information for me to put on this site so its best to just order the video "Contact from Planet Kladen" which explains the topics I've touch on here, but in more detail.

Signed... Paul O. 

The Last Word...

 "Do what you can Paul, to educate people, to let them know the simplicity and beauty of this technology. We must clean up our act, or we must get off this planet" ... David Hamel

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