The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel
My First Encounter with David Hamel
By Paul O.

 I exhibit kirlian photography at psychic fairs throughout Ontario, Canada, and have taken a keen interest in modern technology, the paranormal and UFO activity. Last year, while at a show, I was approached by my friend, Greg Sweet, and asked if I was considering exhibiting my aura camera at an upcoming psychic fair in a small town north east of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Paul O.-Kirlian Specialist

I responded that the town was a bit too small to warrant the time and expense to exhibit. He laughed and agreed, but added that he went each year because Bancroft Ontario, the town that the psychic fair was to be held, was a hub of UFO activity, and that he went each year in an attempt to experience some of that phenomenon. Immediately upon hearing this, I "knew" that if I went, I would have some kind of UFO experience.

In my own words...

That evening I phoned the show promoter and booked into the show. As I was approaching Bancroft, I decided that I would not actively search for anything relating to extraterrestrial, but rather let it come to me. I have had a number of interesting events happen when I actively pursued "psychic leads", but somehow this felt different, somehow I "knew" that it would come to me.

Paul O.'s Palm taken with Kirlian Photography

 "Well, all day Friday was non-eventful. The show was small and not overly busy, so time passed slowly all day Saturday - again, nothing out of the ordinary happened." -Then, early Saturday evening, as I sat at my booth, a woman casually walked past. As she passed my booth she said, almost under her breath ""You should meet David Hamel", and she kept walking. That was it! That was what I had been waiting for. This was my UFO connection.

I left my booth and followed the woman who had mysteriously made contact with me. She just continued walking as if oblivious to the fact that she had even spoken to me. I caught up to her and asked her why she had said that I should meet this David Hamel. She looked at me almost surprised that I had even heard her, and said "I don't know, I just thought that, when I saw all that electrical stuff on your desk." referring to my kirlian photography equipment. The fact that she was almost oblivious that she had even spoken to me, and that she didn't even know why she had said what she had said was all the more confirmation that I was hot on the trail of my first UFO related encounter.

Well, you'd better get over here and see what the hell I've got here in my workshop! If you want to know anything about anti-gravity you'd better get over here and see it for yourself!

"So who is this guy that I should meet, and why should I meet him?" I asked with enthusiasm. She responded by telling me that she was a reporter for the local newspaper and that she had written an article on him a few weeks earlier "...he's an extremely interesting man, building an anti-gravity/free energy, space ship." This was it. This was the contact that I had been waiting for. I was on the trail and getting closer. When I asked her how to get a hold of him, she opened her purse and flipped through a note pad that she had scribbled some short hand notes and found the page with his information. She gave me his phone number and off she went.

 I immediately went to the phone and dialed the number, not knowing what to really say, but knowing that it was the thing to do. The phone rang several times before it was picked up and I was addressed with a strong French-Canadian accent. "Allo" he said in his loud, course voice. I hesitated.....

"Hello Mr. Hamel, you don't know me but I am in town for the weekend with the psychic fair and I am very interested in anti-gravity and free energy......"

I hardly got it out when he interrupted with a robust, familiar enthusiasm "Well, you'd better get over here and see what the hell I've got here in my workshop! If you want to know anything about anti-gravity you'd better get over here and see it for yourself! Do you want to come over tonight? Cause you won't believe what you see with your own eyes!

As we slowed to a park, we looked towards each other, wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. If first impressions meant anything, we would be on our way in no time. David approached us with a warm and hearty hand shake and quickly led us to his kitchen, where he began to tell us the incredible story of his abduction and the information that he has come to understand.

Greg said, "He's been there" he added, "He really knows!"

Almost as soon as we sat down and he began to get into the details, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I got goose bumps and I knew that this man was sincere. It was almost too much to accept, yet as I listened, I could actually feel it to be true.

We were so inspired, that on our way home we knew we wanted to record this historical event on video.

David showing the base of an early prototype model that levitated and was never seen again

David, a very spiritual man, explains how everything ties in together

David Hamel's story has been told in detail in both book and video, but to give you an idea of what transpired: David had just sat down to watch TV when the screen went fuzzy. Then, two bright points of light projected from the screen to each side of him. The lights then materialized into two humanoid figures who each placed a hand on his shoulder and all three slowly lifted up through the roof to the waiting space ship!

 Ancient Egyptians? or ET's ! Information needed to reproduce free energy/anti-gravity is written on the pyramids 

Once on the craft the aliens referred to a universal restriction that Star-Trekers know as the Prime Directive. They explained that they were unable to simply give earth the technology from their planet, Kladen. However, because our planet is intricately connected to theirs, it is imperative for them that we free ourselves from our dependency on fossil and nuclear energy. It was for this reason that they had come to encourage the development of an alternative fuel source. The destruction of our planet is actually taking its toll on their planet, so they could no longer sit idly by and let that happen. They insisted that they could not just give him the technology, but that they could encourage and assist him.....but he would have to come up with the ideas and concepts himself. However, they added that if he needed insights after they left, he should look to the pyramids, for they contained all the information needed to reproduce free energy/anti-gravity. In fact, it had been this same race that had encouraged the ancient Egyptians to build such devices many millennia ago...