The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel
David Hamel's Physics Class

Lesson: PhysicsA01

So you think your smart?, lets change the laws a little...

All of David's information given to him from Extra-Terrestrials is carefully compiled and analyzed.

David seem to understand the information easily as their technology is far in advance of ours.

This diagram above "corrects" Einsteins laws to account for the full model of the universe.

1) Lets now take a look at How David Designs the actual model:

A rough sketch of ship propulsion drawn by David from memory. A complete working knowledge is necessary.


The sketch is enhanced and a prototype model is constructed from this blueprint.
The workings of the wing (or engine) is tested.
The final design.

2) Now, Lets now take a look at How David builds the actual model:

From these blueprints, David builds his model

Each part must be exact to the right dimension.

Dave demos the balancing of the ring magnets.

To distinguish distance in multi-dimensional travel, David explains proportionality

Here David displays the proper proportional sizes required for flight using models

There is a maze of diagrams involved. Each must be considered in its entirety.

There's just too much to show here. Check out the following two Videos:

1) Interested UFO buffs should consult the Video-"Contact from Planet Kladen".

2) Interested engineers should consult the technical Video - "Pierre Sinclaire on David Hamel technological at the Free Energy conference in Vancouver for" a more detailed look.

You can see an Actual Photo of the ship that Dave Hamel was in. This Actual Photo appeared embedded (as explained in the Video), in David hand after his first contact. The Photo was stolen by intelligence when he gave it up for analysis. On the next page is the Actual Photo...