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Part 4
Welcome To My UFO Shop...
David Hamel

"The Saucer Took Off Right Through My Roof!" -
...David Hamel, Aug 1997, while explaining about Antigravity.

"They have taken out all the good stuff and left us with the junk!".

Welcome To My Shop!
magnetic field 3

As we take the tour through David Hamel's personal shop there is granite and magnets everywhere. Even the broken pieces (we managed to get a few pieces for souvenir from David) are put together and used again. "The cost is very expensive", says David holding a small granite ball about 10 inches in diameter. "This one cost me $1,200.00!". We look on the table and see what appears to be a bowling ball cut in half. "Oh, I always practice on a bowling ball until I get the mold right" says David "then I make the real stuff!".

magnetic field3
magnetic field 6
magnetic field 6

David goes on to show us the many contraptions, some of which we would never guess of what they do. David tries to explain to us how they work. With the aid of an old photo of a Mexican pyramid, David says "Look at the holes on the pyramids. They are the same as the one on this machine.

philadelphia experiment
philadelphia experiment 4

David scrolls through many, many drawings from a very old, out of print, book of Egypt. "The new books are no good!" says David Hamel. "They have taken out all the good stuff and left us with the junk!".

Here it is, the ship and the driver. Those Egyptians new what was going on! These are the 'Maps' of the Universe!
philadelphia experiment 5
philadelphia experiment 5

Of course you are now going to ask David 'What does the book say?', you ask suspiciously. David goes on flipping through stacks of photos and diagrams shown on the video, to explain some really interesting theories and artifacts. Some are:

  1. -The metal balls contiguously fall but never have the opportunity to come to rest.
  2. -Scalars are creating a vortex in the air.
  3. -The Stone Hinge platform was a support to bring ships to rest.
  4. -The cylinders were used by the ancients for teleportation on the air rails.

There is too much to list here. The video goes on to explain these concepts and more in detail. Here are a few:

The Neubains. They were the small people that were depicted in the drawings of the pyramids. They are one of the oldest races on the planet earth. If you want to know the true history of Earth, dig around for the Nubian Bible - Its history goes back over 5,000 years!!

Here are some of the Drawings from David Hamel's personal copy of the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead'. Note that many of the drawings are the same as David Hamel's Drawings!

Suspended Animation in the Saucer

People traveling in the Space Ship

A pilot controls the Ship

Passengers wander in the Ship

The Ship lifting off

Captain and Pilot

Know do you know what the pyramid is used for?". Hamel describes the covers as 'Breathing the air' as written in the 'Book of the Dead'. To understand what David Hamel is doing, we must first go back to the Pyramids.

The 'point of nothing'
The Hidden Force

People warming their hands from the Ships Generator

An angle (space traveler) drawn on a rock 4,000 years ago. Are they here now?

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