The Aliens Gave Me The Plans!...
David Hamel

Out of Body

Is 'David Hamel' playing shuffle board?, No, David is just showing you how the pinion moves through the magnetic field.


David Hamel's back yard, showing where the lightning strikes the rich Granite ore under the ground
antigravity, free-energy free masons, antigravity

David Hamel talks to us about how the magnets work on the disc. "Its very simple, they float on Air! - Remember the Breath - The breath is life". He is proud to explain this to us.

antigravity, fre-energy

Now, what is pride? David says:

"During the war they took my white eagle metal of bravery. Its not the stolen metal that hearts me, its the stolen pride.", says David. "Some Germans and other war criminals escaped Germany after the war into Canada -BY PAYING THEIR ACTUAL WEIGHT IN GOLD AND DIAMONDS to officials to be allowed their freedom. Where is the stolen pride now?".

In this unusual video, David shocks us with the creation principles of the universe:

David now explains to us the 'Transformational Mirror'. The Transformation Mirror shows us ourselves, from a point from behind the mirror. That is to say, if we were to look at our reflection in the mirror, we know that is only an image, with no substance. A view of ourselves from behind the mirror to our physical reality, is the mind into the physical. The creation of the Physical from the thought.

David asks - "Do you dream?, Yes?, then you have washed away the mirror!". David goes on to explain his 'Out of Body Experiences'. They started happening the time of his ET contacts.

A very interesting video indeed!!!

David Hamel Famous Quotes:

David Hamel on secret societies.

"They knew very well (the Free Masons) what the granite was needed for and they knew the technology of the "Lift" (antigravity), and of the "Pull" (free-energy).

David Hamel, while waving a very old, rare copy of the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' in the air:

"The new books are no good!" says David Hamel. "They have taken out all the good stuff and left us with the junk!, Here is the good stuff!!!"

David Hamel, while explaining what 'black holes' are:

"...That's why we see nothing, because there is something there!".

David Hamel, talking about his 'Out of Body experiences

"Do you dream?, Yes?, then you have washed away the mirror!"

David Hamel has taught us Strength, Courage, Persistence, and to live the life that we believe in. Let's not forget the information that he is giving us - again!

Authors note:

David is a unique, simple man. He is a modest and sincere farmer, yet can spin you around with concepts in physics that are not conventional, but you some how know that these concepts will work. David gets generous royalties for every video and book sold. People have to make a stand if our kids want to survive in the earths future. Why are these free energy machines not set up in underdeveloped countries to drive machines to create work? Why are hydrophones (machines that make water from oxygen and hydrogen in the air) not available to starving and famine stricken dry countries where clean water used to drink and grow food is almost nonexistent? Ask yourself, what can you do to help. Spread the knowledge. You must question authorities as to their motives and suggest an alternative for betterment of the planet. After all, you may be coming back here to this planet at some point in the future!

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