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David Hamel

"The scalar is the 'point of nothing', Like neutrinos. Neutrinos can go through anything, people, the earth, anything. They are little black holes. They have their own internal clock. There is nothing there and everything there at the same time. That's why neutrinos don't see us and go right through us, but they are there! ".

David tries to explain this to us:

The Earths Fields
The Earths Scaler Fields

Confused? Well, lets check out some more basics - the Egyptian artifacts. According to David Hamel, the Egyptians were able to:

  • Heat their homes
  • Control their ships
  • Use scalar technology
  • Perform Levitation's
  • Alter Time within the Ship
  • Create 'Free Energy'

The Egyptian Calendar - Was it Time Travel?

And here is my favorite David Hamel technology: The Egyptians were able to teleport themselves from the pyramid on earth to the pyramid on Mars!!!, using light. They used the lazarian cylinders that we saw earlier on the video. That's why the Egyptians were so preoccupied with the sun.

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