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David Hamel

On this video we walk through the tons of equipment David Hamel's has in his shop, David shows us how the pinion must be made of granite, and that it must be a certain minimum size for it to work. We can see many different projects happening at the same time, many of which are made using granite.

So what's so special about granite? Well, says David, "The Free masons used to do special work with granite. That's how they got the name - Free Mason. Of all the work the masons did, they needed special tools to work with granite.". They new very well what the granite was needed for and they knew the technology of the "Lift" (antigravity), and the "Pull" (free-energy). Before we look at the machine parts, lets look at the Egyptians parts...

The Key to the Universe - The Breath

Weight into Speed and Magnetic Lift

The Point of Nothing

Perpetual Motion and Pulse Energy

The Secret of the Magnetic

Flying in the Ship!

David goes on to explain and describe the cones and what they are used for. The apparatus we see is fairly crud but does have unusual detail in it. We see many numerous close ups of David Hamel's equipment.

Iron Bells give Weight into Speed

"Here is the scalar at the point of nothing..." says David, pointing to... well, nothing. We saw nothing, but there was something there. Something unusual in the sense that you know that the machine somehow works.

"Here is the 'black hole', right here", says David. We did not see anything. "That's right", David said, "there is nothing. The black hole is so strong that even the light cannot escape, that's why we see nothing, because there is something there!".

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