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Part 3
Physics and peanut butter taught me a lesson!
David Hamel

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"They were eating my peanut butter to teach me a lesson!" -

David Hamel, Aug 1997, while explaining the Hamel Spinner.

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Some rare footage of David Hamel demonstrating the famous 'Hamel Spinner', before he was famous!

Recently found was another rare video of David Hamel videotaped in Aug 15/97, before David was famous. David shows his view of the universe as a hot air balloon expands. "The web is the universe" says David.

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David Reveals, for the first time on video, the 'early' drawings that he used to build the prototypes of the Flying Saucer, who's Antigravity forces were so strong, that the Saucer flu through David Hamel's Roof!

David gets into to energies and scalars and reveals the mystery of the spider. "Spiders use scalar technology!..." says David. "Did you every see a spider weaving his web?, and then suddenly the spider jumps horizontally to another branch without any apparent gravitational forces affecting him? This is the scalar" says David.

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David teaches us how the rotation of the galaxies in the universe are following the rules of scalars. "We walk through scalars all the time when we walk on the surface of the earth! - we can't see them, but they do affect us daily." says David. Ever wonder why a power point on the earth is a power point? This one reason why.

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Since every planet is in rotation, and is affected by every other planet, galaxy, or universe, scalars appear in every aspect of existence. This is part of David's 'Duality' concept. Now you know the 'Mystery of the spider' - "The spider rides the scalar of the Earth !!!".

Many many hours of drawing and designing are necessary to ensure that the prototypes are correct. Time saved now by cutting corners will be lost ten time over in the shop
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How do you prevent the scalar from affecting you? David hints on the video at a couple of ways:

We are walking on the scalar of the earth ever day, and don't even know it! How does this affect us? David knows - "Once you pass the ionosphere, you are free! The ionosphere is the scalar of the air"....

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...We could also use the field of a ship (flying saucer), to escape the scalar".

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