Physics and peanut butter taught me a lesson!
David Hamel
Seeing the Unseen!

David Hamel is amused at a Tee-Shirt designed after him!

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In any rotation of a sphere (or body) in space, there are always 2 points of 'rotational motion only' where there is no liner or tangent motion. These two points are where the atmosphere is still (do you think there should be harsh winds, storms and extreme weather at the poles of the Earth? think again - these 2 points are the calmest places on earth! - remember the shock of what kind of weather admiral Byrd saw during his expedition of the South Pole!). We could also 'escape the scalar' through the north or south pole.

David give his view of the crash of flight 800 - something about "Air in a vacuum!".

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David Hamel shows a rare sample of melted quartz crystal, but is it really quartz? No, it is 'Glassed Granite' from energy produces from 'David's ship'. Do you know how hot it must be to melt solid granite in to crystal? Where does that energy come from? David has no generator, only a bunch of magnets!!!

David Hamel holds what appears to be a melted Quartz crystal, but it is actually Granite that has melted due to the energy produced by the perpetual motion
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What is 'Energy in a vacuum'? David Hamel explains that a rainbow is energy in a vacuum! "This is the trinity", says David. Strange science?, no - we just have not yet discovered this technology yet.

David shows us many, many drawings and blueprints of the universe. So many that we had to cut the tape to reload. This is a lifetime of work we are looking at in a couple of hours.

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While interviewing David Hamel, we noticed a little note that David Hamel had doodled at the top left corner of his personal notes: "...I had an urge to draw and explain time...". David was channeling from a higher energy and intelligence!

David discusses the 'Hamel Spinners' and the theory as to why they work. David show us some revised spinners on his kitchen table, and is somewhat disappointed in that they do not spin well today.

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David straps an "O" magnet around his waist and explains how the magnet has 'healing power'. "It will remove arthritis" says David. "I use it, and everyone with pain should use it. Watch David do a demo

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David Hamel looks at his own website for the first time (David does not own a computer). "Hay look, that's me!". He is amused!

David shows a very old school book from the early 1900's. "Look here", David says, "They don't teach you this stuff any more. Here it is, just what I am telling you now! Why don't they teach this in the universities right now? They did in elementary school back then. They don't want you to know this stuff!".

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This next photo tells it all! Taken from that old elementary school book from the early 19th century, it clearly show how mass is lost - Unbelievable!!! The proton and the neutron are the colors in the trinity. The scalar is weight if there is more than 2 molecules. You must activate the negative and the positive.

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