Physics and peanut butter taught me a lesson!
David Hamel
Time Is Space!

Now we get to a bunch more of David's drawings - tons of them. Scrolling through the mounds of photo and drawings is difficult. There so many on this video. You need a little knowledge to understand these drawings. David explains it the best he could. Sometimes he gets mad that we don't understand these 'simple Hamel principles'.

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Just because these drawing look technical, doesn't mean that you can forget the root's of where they came from - The Pyramids!!!

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This is the "Tree of Life" experiment. David explains how it works. How do magnets affect us? watch the video, its to must for us to explain it here. Only David can explain it in his own way. Check out some of his drawings HERE. These are all explained on the video by David himself in detail.

We will give you a couple of examples of what David explains about his drawings:

Drawing 24: One magnet has 2 powers, not just one.

Drawing 18: Gasses have energies.

Drawing 44: Scalars are particles in matter.

Drawing 52: Scalars are in the rotation of planets.

Drawing 31: Extraterrestrial bells of the UFO. These shield scalars.

Drawing 26: Diagram showing the two hidden forces of the magnet.

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David takes a sheet of paper in his hand:

"This is paper, it has two sides, yet we can see only one side at a time. But both sides exist!!! Now, look at plant Earth and planet Kladen. We can only see plant Earth, but planet Kladen exists also! Now, lets look at a point to 'now', then we jump to the 7th dimension...", David Pauses to look up something that we can't even read,...

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planet kladen

Found it ..."The key to the dimension is the third power..." That was it!.

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