Physics and peanut butter taught me a lesson!
David Hamel

When we asked David Hamel again, "How do you know this rare information?". The said that you can check 3 places - The walls of the pyramids, the early 1900's banned books, or your brain!

David took the old banned books again and started to show us where the hidden energy was...

Anomalies, Aliens

Esoteric, Free
Free Energy
Energy, Anti-Gravity

Still another rare book to look out for:

Anti-Gravity, Perpetual

David Hamel Famous Quotes:
"One Joule of energy can lift the Pyramids right of the ground! Don't you understand? I'm showing you, here!, Look!!!"

Gravity, Perpetual Motion

David shows a very old school book from the early 1900's. "Look here", David says,

"They don't teach you this stuff any more. Here it is, just what I am telling you now! Why don't they teach this in the universities right now? They did in elementary school back then. They don't want you to know this stuff!".

Pierre Sinclair

"The spider rides the scalar of the Earth !!!"

A Quote from David while he is playing with a couple of magnets:

"Just remember this: Water, Air, Fire, and Weight, and 'Weight into speed', this is all you need".

Sinclair, Time Travel

While David Hamel was writing his personal notes, he subconsciously doodles in the corner of a page:

"... I had an urge to draw and explain time...".

"There were eating my peanut butter to teach me a lesson!"

Time Travel

OK, now lets to the David Hamel's Shop and See the Machines...

Technology Research

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