Physics and peanut butter taught me a lesson!
David Hamel

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Want to hear a simple principle? Attracting magnets create energy. Repelling magnets create energy. How can that be? Is there not a 'law of conservation of energy'? It seems like a contradiction in science, but its not! - if you know "Hamel's Laws" of physics.

David points to the base of the pyramids: "The negative and positive have 4 powers, here are the 2 hidden powers. This is the unseen power. These are all so here, in the pyramids.".

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worm hold
Hamel, UFO's
UFO's, Extra-Terrestrials

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do Tarot cards have to do with magnets?
  • What do peanuts and peanut butter have to do with scalars and the ionosphere?
  • Why does the north star point to the magnetic?
  • Do you know the 2 hidden powers of the magnetic?
  • It goes on and on. David explains these answers and more:
  • David can explain it to you better that we can even attempt to!

Here's a hint: "Its elementary!". David Hamel can predict what will happen when the poles of the Earth shift in 2021!
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