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Newly Found Underground Videos:
The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment
Quick Short Descriptions:
Rare Salvaged Video Descriptions
Filmed in a basement

Survivors of the Montauk Project

Montauk Project: Some of the earlier lectures that Preston Nichols and Al Bielek have done. There is information that is here that you cannot find in their modern day lectures. This next set of underground videos with Al Bielek, and Preston Nichols, give still more insight into the various secret projects.

Montauk Project:

First Underground Interview

With Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron

Video taped in the basement at a unknown location in the US, these Montauk Project retirees-Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron give an introduction about what the various projects were all about. They also talk about how and why the projects got started, and what their involvement's were.

Quick Video Description-Al, Preston, and Duncan speak of the unspeakable on the various projects taken on at Montauk:Project Invisibility, Project Rainbow, Philadelphia Project, Project GOD. All started with a series of UFO crashes in New Mexico during 1947, 1948, and 1949, salvaged equipment, and a live captured Alien.

Projects concerned Mind Control, Telepathy, Teleportation, Time Travel, Alternate Realities. Key founders of the projects were John Hutchen, Dr. Kurtenhauer, & Nicola Tesla-THE DIRECTOR!!!. Preston explains Tesla's involvement with Extra-Terrestrials and his eventual sabotage of his own machines and resignation. Al discusses his Metaphysical abilities and altered states of reality. Duncan discusses openly his connection to the "Psychic" Montauk Chair/Teleportation experiences, his past and future travels to the year 6069, Mars, and other Alternate No Time Universes. Discussions also of weather and mind controls projects with Wilhelm Reich and Z-Argon gases.

Other recruits were among Albert Einstein on Teleportation, John Von Neumann on Alternate Realities, Dr. Levinson on the Levinson time equations, and David Hilbert on Hilbert multi-space time-All of which contributed to todays Stealth Technology

An extremely interesting set of videos. The only known video of all three survivors together. Changes the way in which we perceive in the physical world around us. An inconceivable source of amazing information. (see Special Note ** below) Contains 2 Videos, Part 1-90 Min., Part 2-60 Min. Both are unbelievable.

Private Collection-Not available in bookstores nor distributors.

Montauk Project:

Second Underground Interview

With Al Bielek, Preston Nichols

Again, video taped in the home of a Paranormal researcher at an unknown location, Montauk personnel Al Bielek gives more advanced insight and details about the Phoenix projects, Teleportation, and how the USS Eldridge left the space time continuum, entered hyper space, and entered a worm hole at which point he jumped off the ship into another time line.

Al also Describes Nicola Tesla involvement since the project start in 1934, to his eventual sabotage and resignation in 1942, Extra-Terrestrial Bases, and his teleported travels to the Moon, Mars, Atlantis, and other lost civilizations. Workings with alchemy through chemical manipulation of matter.

Al's explains how his consciousness was incarnated into another body, Alien micro chip implants, and treaties made with the Grays, Pleiadians, and Reptilians regarding technology and our Earth involvement.

An extremely interesting set of videos. It gets into the details of things that are beyond our comprehension. Contains 2 Videos, Part 1-60 Min., Part 2-60 Min. Both are unbelievable.

Private Collection-Not available in bookstores nor distributors.

Montauk Project:

Third Underground Interview

With Al Bielek

Yet a third underground interview with Al Bielek as he speaks out on the Philadelphia Experiment and many adventures of time travel. Al seems almost to be talking in a trance state.

Al discusses the filming of the movie "The Philadelphia Experiment" and explains how no one (including the Navy) would come forward to discuss the Montauk details. The Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton acquired Smuggled Scientists from Germany (including Albert Einstein) to work on Black Projects. Von Neumann zero-time frame reference could bring back teleported subjects back safely during tunneling experiments.

Some related projects are discussed including how a Hilga Marro's father, involved in Montauk, disappeared to work training Aliens "Human Personally" on the far side of the moon so they could interact covertly with humans on Earth. Also portable invisibility machines used today by secret service men. Time Tunneling required psychic info through the akashic location system and joy riding to the Mars ruins of their ancient civilizations after hours.

A lessor known project called "God Edge".where Al explains how they could manifest objects by using the subconscious mind and how a computer can "develop" self consciousness.

Al also talks about worm holes, Time Zones,Anomaly in time, Alien intervention 100,000 years ago, intelligences off plant, and how different Alien races are fighting for the influences of our planet.

Extremely Interesting. There doesn't seem to be much more than this to hide. Another "must have" Video. Contains 2 Videos, Part 1-60 Min., Part 2-60 Min. Both are unbelievable.

Private Collection-Can't be bought in stores.

Montauk Project:

Underground Public Lectures

With Al Bielek and Preston Nichols

Two Private lectures with Al Bielek & Preston Nichols. Each give a presentation of their facts and stories. Al talks about involvement in projects and Teleportation experiences. Preston gives some fairly detailed info on the technical part of some of the equipment through numerous slides, showing the theories and practical. He then finished up with an electronic "psychic demonstration" using the Delta-T Antenna.

Al Bielek (his now identify), tell events leading up to his involvement in Project Invisibility at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University through a series of co-incidence and hypno-regression.

Al speaks of a Gray ship that came to rescue a live Alien after a series of crashes in New Mexico during 1947, 1948, and 1949 and how information was exchanged. He explains how Nicola Tesla announces to president Roosevelt that he was in contact with Extra-Terrestrials and describes treaties on Atomic Energy with the K-group, The Orion groups, and a certain race of the Pleiadians on Atomic Energy.

Realizing what the government was up against, they recruited psychics in a psychic research and development group, Psy-Core, that would dabble into the Paranormal to do psychic spying and keep tabs on the various Alien groups visiting Earth.

The Earth's four bio-rhyme play a role in a 40 year time tunnel that was created between the 1940's and the 1980's to move necessary equipment to mold the past for the future economy. These were verified both by Nicola Tesla and also by the Aliens. A multi-dimensional universe, showing time is actually a mathematical Torus of 5 dimensions and how 2 scientists were pulled from the future to fix a problem in the present.

After the Navies discharge, Al was brain washed, had his memory erased, and was electronically incarnated into and other body using government technology obtained by Aliens.

Preston turns up with many actual photos, schematics, and block diagrams from Montauk and equipment used - everything from modified RF-amplifiers to crystal oscillators. Preston talks about electronically producing a consciousness, and thus creating a reality surrounding it. How, using white noise and an electronic time bending machine, to electronically create a time vortex. Ties in with Quantum Electro Dynamics studies by Richard Feyman and Hyper space .

He farther discusses the Cray 1 and PDP-11 computers used in time manipulation, and many of the problems faced at Montauk using crashed UFO and Alien technology.

Preston does a psychic demonstration with audience members using a Delta-T antenna that he constructed. He was able to send out computer generated thoughts, called Psycho-tronics, into members of the audiences minds - and yes, it does seem to work!.

What more can I say !!! These videos are excellent. Contains 2 Videos, Part 1-45 Min., Part 2-45 Min. Both are unbelievable.

Private Collection-Can't be bought in stores.

Special Note ** - The first 2 videos-"The First Underground Interview", part 1 and part 2 were filmed in the basement of some researchers home and the ideal conditions for filming were not available. As a result, only these 2 videos are not of the greatest quality however they are still perfectly watchable. In spite of this, the information in these 2 videos is of such great importance that we felt that this information must reach out. This is also a rare moment when the only three known survivors of the Philadelphia experiment are in the same room discussing the actual events that took place.

We have obtained these videos through the actual researcher seeking out this information. None of these videos can be bought through stores or other video mail-order companies. Most consider this stuff "mumbo jumbo" information, but it is in perfect context as in the Montauk books put out by the Preston Nichols and Peter Moon. They are only available through this offer.

Montauk Project:
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Detailed Descriptions:
First Underground Video: Part 1:
Crashed Saucers Salvaged Equipment Paranormal, Brainwashing Advanced Computers Mind Control, Telepathy Teleportation Time Travel Nicola Tesla Von Neumann Albert Einstein The Rainbow project Project Invisibility Extra-Terrestrials Tesla Resigns Project Psychic & Metaphysics Incarnated

First Underground Video: Part 2:
Phoenix project Space-Time Laboratories Tunneling, Teleportation The Montauk Chair Alternate Reality Warp Space Time Past & Future To The Year 6048 Unrecognizable Ruins USS Eldridge Weather Control Wilhelm Reich Z-Argon Gases Time Lines Altered States Of Reality "No Perception Time" Mind Control Altered Auras Extra-Terrestrial 25 bases Montauk Ran Off Billions Stealth Technology

Second Underground Video: Part 1:
Grays, Pleiadians The Reptilians Rainbow Experiments Nicola Tesla Sabotaged Tests Of Invisibility Hyper Space Space-Time Continuum Worm Holes, Space Time Time Travel 40 years Into The Future Incarnation Invisibility Machines President Bush Hypo-Meditation Wilhelm Reich Weather Control Send "Psychic" Signals Psychic Frequency

Second Underground Video: Part 2:
Tesla Towers Bodies Found Embedded Albert Einstein Teleported To Planets Teleportation Atlantis Frogs Falling Down Teleportation Machines Crashed Ship Extraterrestrial Bases Tesla Arranges ET''s Pleiadians, Then The Grays Bavarian Alps Reptilian Illuminati Alchemy

Third Underground Video Part 1:
Philadelphia Experiment Survivors Eldridge Hilga Marro Teleportation Alien Race Magnetic Field Montauk Base closed 86 Four Underground Levels Albert Einstein Mind Control Von Neumann Finite Space & Time First Electronic Computer Teleported Zero-Time Frame Reference Stealth Bombers 1 Billion Dollars/Copy Time Travel Under Mars Caverns Dead Civilizations Teleportation Psychic Nature Akashic Location System Take Pictures Teleportation Tunnel "Joy Rides" To Mars Religious Artifacts Alien Machines Alien Walk Ins

Third Underground Video: Part 2:
Time Vortex Face Of Mars Ancient Civilizations Mars Ruins Telepathic Thought Project "God Edge" Manifest Objects Powers Of The Mind Alternate Realities Artificial Intelligence Albert Einstein Computer Self Conscious Monster Manifested Walking into Time Tunnel Create Anomalies In Time Alien Intervention Secret Societies Aliens Celestial Management

Public Lectures
Part 1-Al Bielek:
Project Invisibility Institute Of Advanced Studies Princeton University Radar Invisibility Radar Invisibility Reborn (Incarnated) Strange Co-Incidence Phoenix Project Started Nicola Tesla & ET''S President Roosevelt Extra-Terrestrials Groups Of Aliens K-Group Atomic Energy Psy-Core World Of The Paranormal Psychic Spying Alien Races Intermingled CIA Psychic Trainer Time Tunnel Earth's Four Bio-Rhythms Actually A Living Entity Nicola Tesla Verified Gray Crashed Saucers Aliens still alive Exchange Technology Exchanged Information President Eisenhower Edward's Air force Base 1 Million Grays On Earth Orion Alien Groups USS Eldridge Shows Various Slides Multi-Dimensional Universe Torus Of 5 Dimensions Time Is Non Existent Robert Monroe Institute 5th Order Realities Other Order Realities Hyper Space Travel

Public Lectures
Part 2 Preston Nichols:
Secret Projects Teleportation Experiences Theories Practical Psychic Demonstration Slide Presentation Teleportation Chair Actual Photos Mind Amplifier Psychic Brain Patterns Controlling Actual Reality Psycho-Tronics Create A Consciousness Create A Reality Delta-T Transmitter White Noise Creating A Time Vortex Quantum Electro Dynamics Discriminator Module Time Waves Nicola Turbo Nicola Tesla Alternate Reality Time Manipulation Cray 1 Computer Esoteric Functions Levenston Time "Psychic" Transmissions Tesla's Zero Time Reference Photos Of Montauk Base Crashed UFO's Alien Technology