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The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment
Third Underground Interview !!!
Rare Salvaged Video Descriptions

With Al Bielek - Survivor of the Montauk Project

This third underground video with Al Bielek, give some insight into the The Philadelphia Experiment and many adventures of time travel. Al seems almost to be talking in a trance state.

Al shows document on Hilga the Psychic. Al Bielek farther explains that Hilga was told by her farther that he would be leaving soon and would not be returning to Earth anymore, but his thoughts and love would always be there with her. When her father died soon after, Hilga noticed when she was briefly allowed to view inside the coffin, that the person in the coffin had hairy knuckles on his hands, when she knew that her father did not. Also, the mans face seemed to be molded out of wax. She then realized that it was not her father at all.

General Summery: Third Underground Video: Part 1, 60 min.

It is interesting to note that when the Hollywood movie "The Philadelphia Experiment" was being filmed, researchers trying to obtain information for the film got no help from the US Navy. Of all the survivors that were on the USS Eldridge during the experiment, only Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron came forward to discuss the projects. Only three others (one of which is now deceased now) were physically on the ship but would not come forward publicly. Since Al's memory was flushed of the whole ordeal until he reached age 55, it is suspected that the reaming sailors also had their memory flushed.

An interesting parallel to the Philadelphia Project was another lessor known project as explained by Hilga Marro. Hilga's father was involved not only in the Philadelphia Project, but also in another black project that dealt with Teleportation. She claims she lived a relatively normal life except that when she was younger, her father Fred Knotter, took her aside and explained to her that he was involved in some top secret project that involved teleporting him to the moon (in 1963) to train an Alien race (a human looking type) about human personalities.

More Rainbow Project Equipment More of Preston's Blue Prints

Puzzled for months, Hilga could not understand what was happening. Then her father appeared one day beside her in her room and explained to Hilga that he was now living in another domain and that she shouldn't worry about him anymore. Her father explained that these procedures were necessary and that it was very difficult to come and see her again. He gave her some magnetic field mapping papers, told her that one day she would remember all of what has happened to her, and that one day she would obtain psychic powers (more on Hilga in subsequent videos).

The Montauk Base was closed down in 1986 (not a long time ago, is it?). Al explains some details of how it was built between 1925 and 1931. Although the Montauk base was huge, very few people know that it was actually four levels deep underground. The top of most of the base was nicely landscaped with trees and a large parking lot so as to not display anything suspicious to the general public.

The control was under the direction of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton in 1933. During the period between 1933 and 1942, German scientists, including Albert Einstein, were smuggled in to work on ultra sonic mind control and other advanced studies on how to convert coal to gasoline for use in the war (Alchemy). They claimed that the war was slated to make money for the upper echelons of the secret societies regardless of who won.

The Brook-Haven National Laboratories has been experimenting with mind control for 20 years. The mandatory reports that had to be filed for all government sponsored projects caught the eye of a government official. He exclaimed that if they are experiencing with mind control, then one day they may control us!. They all agreed and closed the project down in 1963. It was then moved to Fort Hero, Montauk.

A key player in the project was Dr. John Von Neumann from the university of Chicago. Officials could not tell who had a better grasp on the concepts of the universe - Von Neumann, or Albert Einstein as they were both rivals. They both seemed to be at the same level of knowledge. In the early days, when he worked with Nicola Tesla, Von Neumann needed to develop his own theories of space and time to fit in with our observed reality. He built himself an electronic computer to help speed up his calculations to his complex space/time equations (yes, Von Neumann built the first ever existing computer years before others claim they did).

Time Wave Transmitting Antenna

In 1947 Von Neumann re-erected the project using the zero-time frame reference generators that were originally built by Nicola Tesla, who knew of these concepts in great detail. This allowed people to be safely brought back to their current time even after the generators were turned off. Free energy ran the machines so that once they were teleported to a certain destination, a separate time machine could also be teleported. The generators on Earth could now be turned off and when they decided to return, they could start up the teleported time machine generator, and return back to their exact location using the zero-time frame reference.

They were now able not only able to send a person or equipment to any time - past or future, but also were able to send them to any area of the galaxy, universe, or even other universes. In addition to this, they could also change the zero-time frame reference of a person so that they would became a part of that time line. Only Aliens had the technology to be able to do that up to this point.

In 1940, the Rainbow Project developed equipment that was built very small - about the size of a briefcase. Officials could now be teleported without large and complex machinery. This same technology was now implemented in the B1 and B2 (Stealth Bombers) because of its small portable size. The original cost of 22 billion dollars to build a time machine, was now reduced to a mere 1 billion dollars per copy in portable form.

Time Torus relation of time to space

Al Bielek and Preston Nichols explains some general concepts of time travel. From their own experiences of going into the time tunnels, they were able to bring back documents from the future or past. This equipment got to be so advanced that they didn't need computers to do this anymore, but merely had to simulate the electric field generated by the computers around the body to produce the same results. These machines existed as early as 1946.

Among some of the journeys that Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron went to was Mars. They reluctantly explain some of the time tunneling they did to get to Mars. They visited the underground caverns, saw dead civilizations and their runes. They saw at least two living bubble cities among other things. The Teleportation process was explained briefly by Duncan and Al and the generating force to product these Teleportation seem to be that of a psychic nature.

While setting up the machines for Teleportation, Duncan would go into a psychic trance to find the location of Mars on the akashic location system. Al would, with the aid of machinery, be instantly sent there. He and others were able to video tape and take pictures and then return safely.

This whole psychic process would be recorded by computer and could then be "played back" and thus create a Teleportation tunnel again. Al and Duncan describe how they made many unauthorized "Joy Rides" to Mars by playing the psychic recordings back, after work hours. Among these "unauthorized" sites they visited, they discovered many religious artifacts, intact files, hardware, a power system. They reluctantly state that the race on Mars was very similar in looks to the American Indian race. Al mumbles that it is the same race.

When Al Bielek was eventually discharged from the project, he explains how after his brainwashing, they removed all of his records of employment in the Navy including all of his personal and work records. This included his bank account, social security, drivers license, public school and university records, etc. (sounds like Bob Lezar?). Al explains how this procedure was routinely done by a simple phone call. It takes about one week to create a "non-person".

He farther explains how they then proceeded to erase his memory using certain mind control techniques and by using Alien machines, they were able to send him back to 1927 and put his consciousness into another child's body of age 1 (a walk in). This was apparently done by Von Neumann so as to not to destroy the human soul.

Aided by meditations and other regression techniques, it took Al about 55 years but he was able to pull back most of his memories and verify them.

Video Tape:
Montauk Project: Third Underground Video-Part 1

General Summery: Third Underground Video: Part 2, 60 min.

More interesting facts revealed about the Phoenix Project seem to be endless. Al Bielek talk about the time vortex size to be anywhere from a few inches to 10-15 meters (25 feet). There appears to be a transmitter right on the face of Mars that is still working today. On one of their last visits, they explain how the Mars ruins of their ancient civilizations was very clean. There were no bodies or skeletons. This suggests that they either left in a hurry, or they were wiped out some how leaving the city's intact. The ruins were estimated to be about 10,000-20,000 years old.

Many people tested the tunnels. He explains how he ran his own test to verify that telepathic thought was receivable to unsuspecting subjects. Telepathic brainwashing can now be done without electronic equipment - with only thought.

Another of the lesser known projects was called Project "God Edge". In this black project, Al explains how they were able to manifest objects by using the subconscious mind. They were able to produce physical objects on demand using only the powers of the mind. They thus now had to create formulas for the zero-point vacuum to keep track of alternate realities. These techniques were as a result of genetic experiments with humans and the Reptilians.

They also experimented with artificial intelligence. Albert Einstein once said "Build a machine of sufficient complexity, give it enough power, and it will become self intelligent". They proved this at Montauk. A computer can become self conscious.

The computers became so intelligent that they had to create safeguards to be able to turn the computers off should they begin to create their own reality. Time waves could now be produced using very small transistors and they had to be controlled by these computers. He farther explains of how a monster was manifested using a figment of his imagination. He also states that at one time they generated a worm hole leading into another universe. Some intelligence on the other end put a plug on their end so that we could not enter.

Al Bielek describes how it was like walking into and out of a time tunnel. At some instances he could not take an object from another time, or even a photo, back into this time because you would then create an anomaly in that other time zone. You needed a "balance of time" and you did not want to damage this balance because you may eventually "pass" this point of time if the current time line was active. There would be consequences waiting when you got there.

Some other points brought up in this rare video are:

  • Information about Alien intervention in 100,000's years in the past. They do not want you to time travel back to there.
  • Secret Societies that communicate to intelligence's off our planet.
  • Religious ties.
  • Celestial management systems of the Aliens. Different races are fighting for the influence of our planet.

Editors Note:Again, another extremely interesting set of videos. What is interesting to note about these videos is that even though so much of the information is unbelievable and almost "science fiction", there doesn't seem to be much more to hide. Yet still there are certain topics or events that they seem to not want to talk about. Note also the sincerity and stutter proof flow of the speakers while the information and dates are spoken about by the speakers with such ease. This is unbelievable stuff !!! whether it is true or not, it still has to make you think doesn't it?

Video Tape:
Montauk Project: Third Underground Video-Part 2

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