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The Montauk Project Exposed !!!

Al Bielek Preston Nichols Duncan Cameron

...And the found
Montauk Project Underground Videos...

At Last, this incredible story concerning the The Philadelphia Experiment, The Rainbow Project, Phoenix Project, Project GOD, Project Invisibility, and the many other secret black projects filed under The MONTAUK PROJECT, are now revealed, as the only three known survivors of the project. Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron discuss for the first time together, in these newly found Videos.

The MONTAUK PROJECT: Underground Videos cover many topics not revealed in the Montauk books. Some topics include: Montauk Project, Crashed Saucers, Paranormal, Brainwashing, Mind Control, Telepathy, Teleportation, Space Time, UFO's, Time Travel, ...and the involvement in the project with Nicola Tesla, Von Neumann, Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Reich, John Huchenson, David Hilbert,The Rainbow Project, Philadelphia Experiment Invisibility, Phoenix Project, ...and Alien Physics: Extra-Terrestrials Contact, Psychic & Metaphysics, Future Reincarnation, Phoenix Project, Hyper Space-Time Tunneling, Teleportation, Alternate Reality, Space Time Manipulation, Past Future Ruins, USS Eldridge, Weather Control, Z-Argon Gases, Altered States of Reality, Auras, Stealth Technology Grays, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Worm Holes, Psychic, Albert Einstein, Atlantis, Crashed Ship, Extraterrestrial Bases, ET's, Reptilian, Illuminati Alchemy, Hilga Marro, Alien Magnetic Field, Zero-Time Frame, Time Travel, Akashic Artifacts, Vortex, Face of Mars, Ancient Civilizations, Mars Ruins Intelligence, Anomalies, Alien Physics, Secret Societies, Co-Incidence, Nicola Tesla, Paranormal, Psychic Bio-Rhythms, Orion Aliens, Multi-Dimensional Universe, Torus Dimensions, Robert Monroe, Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, Consciousness, Delta-T Vortex, Quantum Electro Dynamics, Time Waves, Nicola Tesla's Esoteric Functions, Levenston Time, and Zero Time Functions... READ ON...

The list goes on. No other one case covers more about this information the MONTAUK PROJECT. One quick question before we get started:

What are these new Underground videos?

These video tapes are personal videos that belong to a private scientist / paranormal researcher. They were filmed by him personally and were not seen by most of the general public.

Here is the rundown:

First, Second, and Third Underground Videos: filmed in the basement of a researchers house, Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron discusses various projects and their involvement. Preston also shows a complete slide show presentation displaying salvaged equipment from the base.

Al Bielek and Preston Nichols Video: filmed at a private lecture, Al Bielek and Preston Nichols speak out on these various once secret projects. Preston finishes up with a Psychic Demonstration where by some members of the audience get thoughts projected into their minds using his own Delta-T Antenna.

We have just been authorized by this investigator to sell these unique videos... descriptions follow...

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This information is very Bizarre and unusual: Some readers may find this material offensive. If you do, please go back now.

 1st Underground Video
2nd Underground Video
3rd Underground Video
Al & Preston Lecture Video

Master Index

Quick Info
 1st Underground Video
2nd Underground Video
 3rd Underground Video
 Al & Preston Video
Part 1
Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
Part 1
Part 2

Montauk Project:
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 I Want Short Descriptions Fast !!!
Detailed Descriptions:
First Underground Video: Part 1:
Crashed Saucers Salvaged Equipment Paranormal, Brainwashing Advanced Computers Mind Control, Telepathy Teleportation Time Travel Nicola Tesla Von Neumann Albert Einstein The Rainbow project Project Invisibility Extra-Terrestrials Tesla Resigns Project Psychic & Metaphysics Incarnated

First Underground Video: Part 2:
Phoenix project Space-Time Laboratories Tunneling, Teleportation The Montauk Chair Alternate Reality Warp Space Time Past & Future To The Year 6048 Unrecognizable Ruins USS Eldridge Weather Control Wilhelm Reich Z-Argon Gases Time Lines Altered States Of Reality "No Perception Time" Mind Control Altered Auras Extra-Terrestrial 25 bases Montauk Ran Off Billions Stealth Technology

Second Underground Video: Part 1:
Grays, Pleiadians The Reptilians Rainbow Experiments Nicola Tesla Sabotaged Tests Of Invisibility Hyper Space Space-Time Continuum Worm Holes, Space Time Time Travel 40 years Into The Future Incarnation Invisibility Machines President Bush Hypo-Meditation Wilhelm Reich Weather Control Send "Psychic" Signals Psychic Frequency

Second Underground Video: Part 2:
Tesla Towers Bodies Found Embedded Albert Einstein Teleported To Planets Teleportation Atlantis Frogs Falling Down Teleportation Machines Crashed Ship Extraterrestrial Bases Tesla Arranges ET''s Pleiadians, Then The Grays Bavarian Alps Reptilian Illuminati Alchemy

Third Underground Video Part 1:
Philadelphia Experiment Survivors Eldridge Hilga Marro Teleportation Alien Race Magnetic Field Montauk Base closed 86 Four Underground Levels Albert Einstein Mind Control Von Neumann Finite Space & Time First Electronic Computer Teleported Zero-Time Frame Reference Stealth Bombers 1 Billion Dollars/Copy Time Travel Under Mars Caverns Dead Civilizations Teleportation Psychic Nature Akashic Location System Take Pictures Teleportation Tunnel "Joy Rides" To Mars Religious Artifacts Alien Machines Alien Walk Ins

Third Underground Video: Part 2:
Time Vortex Face Of Mars Ancient Civilizations Mars Ruins Telepathic Thought Project "God Edge" Manifest Objects Powers Of The Mind Alternate Realities Artificial Intelligence Albert Einstein Computer Self Conscious Monster Manifested Walking into Time Tunnel Create Anomalies In Time Alien Intervention Secret Societies Aliens Celestial Management

Public Lectures
Part 1-Al Bielek:
Project Invisibility Institute Of Advanced Studies Princeton University Radar Invisibility Radar Invisibility Reborn (Incarnated) Strange Co-Incidence Phoenix Project Started Nicola Tesla & ET''S President Roosevelt Extra-Terrestrials Groups Of Aliens K-Group Atomic Energy Psy-Core World Of The Paranormal Psychic Spying Alien Races Intermingled CIA Psychic Trainer Time Tunnel Earth's Four Bio-Rhythms Actually A Living Entity Nicola Tesla Verified Gray Crashed Saucers Aliens still alive Exchange Technology Exchanged Information President Eisenhower Edward's Air force Base 1 Million Grays On Earth Orion Alien Groups USS Eldridge Shows Various Slides Multi-Dimensional Universe Torus Of 5 Dimensions Time Is Non Existent Robert Monroe Institute 5th Order Realities Other Order Realities Hyper Space Travel

Public Lectures
Part 2 Preston Nichols:
Secret Projects Teleportation Experiences Theories Practical Psychic Demonstration Slide Presentation Teleportation Chair Actual Photos Mind Amplifier Psychic Brain Patterns Controlling Actual Reality Psycho-Tronics Create A Consciousness Create A Reality Delta-T Transmitter White Noise Creating A Time Vortex Quantum Electro Dynamics Discriminator Module Time Waves Nicola Turbo Nicola Tesla Alternate Reality Time Manipulation Cray 1 Computer Esoteric Functions Levenston Time "Psychic" Transmissions Tesla's Zero Time Reference Photos Of Montauk Base Crashed UFO's Alien Technology