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The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment

Al Bielek & Preston Nichols Interview !!!
Rare Salvaged Video Descriptions
With Al Bielek, and Preston Nichols - Survivors of the Montauk Project

Montauk Project: Some of the earlier lectures that Preston Nichols and Al Bielek have done. There is information that is here that you cannot find in their modern day lectures. This next set of underground videos with Al Bielek, and Preston Nichols, give still more insight into the various secret projects.

Al talks about his involvement in the project and the Teleportation experiences. Preston gives some fairly detailed information about the technical part of some of the equipment and runs through numerous slides showing the theories and practical. He then finished up with a "psychic demonstration" where by he transfers an electronic psychic thought through the Delta-T antenna into the minds of volunteers from the audience.

General Summery: Al Bielek Video: Part 1, 45 min.

Al Bielek lectures of his experiences working at the Montauk base. Al Bielek (his now identify) was born in 1916, as the son of Alexander Cameron. He and his brother, Duncan Cameron joined the US Navy and both became Navel Officers. They were eventually assigned to Project Invisibility at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University.

The first test of radar invisibility was slated to begin on Aug 12 1943. It was a failure (see first underground video for more details). After the project was canceled in 1948, Al was removed from the Army, brain washed, and had all of his memory erased. He was given a new identify-he was then reborn (incarnated) as Albert Bielek (a walk in). This rebirth was done using the technology of the Aliens under the direction of the government to "erase" his personal existence and knowledge of his Montauk involvement.

Al explains 5 Dimensional Reality Mother Earths 5 Bio Rhythms

Al's new life started when he entered the body of a one year old child after the child had natural died. Al's had a new life and a new family. He went to engineering school in 1958 and retired in 1988. It took him a great part of his life to regain his memory of his life before, some 50 years. This all happened through a series of strange co-incidence.

One day Al unexpectedly passed someone on the street that looked familiar but could not recall where they had met. After and introduction to each other, the other person also realized that they had met somewhere. The other person happened to be Duncan Cameron. Al then realized that he had inadvertently meet many other people in the past who also seemed familiar - they were his ex-coworkers. To make a long story short, they and others, managed to piece the puzzle together and verify it.

Among the many memories, Al Bielek explains how the Phoenix Project started in 1931 with John Hutchinson Sr. in charge. The whole ordeal started when a Nicola Tesla announced to president Roosevelt that he was in contact with Extra-Terrestrials. Al Bielek tells of how in the midst of the depression and onset of war, the desperate US had Roosevelt meet with two groups of Aliens - the K-group, and a certain race of the Pleadians (see the pervious Third Underground Montauk Video for more details on this).

After meeting both sides of these Alien races, Roosevelt decided to work with the Grays. The Pleadians then went and made a deal in Germany with Hitler.

In 1938 a deal was struck regarding Atomic Energy. Military advised against it, and so did Roosevelt. The Grays left after they couldn't work out the terms of their trade. In 1940, the military, now realizing what they were dealing with, set up Psy-Core, a psychic research and development group that would dabble into the world of the Paranormal.

Their intentions were to set up a higher level of "psychic spying" to not only track what their rivals were doing in Germany, but also in a hope to keep tabs on the different Alien races now now known to be intermingled in Earths businesses. They advertised and recruited anybody who claimed to have psychic or extra ordinary abilities and housed a warehouse in secret to do psychic experiments. The psychics were given new identities and worked closely under Dr. Von Neumann. As a result of this, the CIA formed as an offshoot.

They needed to find a "Psychic trainer" to act as a director and organize this newly formed group, which they found (he turned out later to be member of one of the K-Groups, an Alien walk in). They provided a 40 year time tunnel between the 1940's and the 1980's to move the necessary equipment to mold the past for the future economy, and also to allow certain saucers in. The grays needed that riff in time to let their ships through.

To farther confuse the matter, a series of Gray crashed saucers occurred in 1947, 1948, and 1949. One of the Aliens was still alive and after a few years when it got sick, the military realized that they didn't know how to care for it. In 1953 the government sent out message into space for a plea to help save the Alien. A Gray ship came and they exchanged some information.

The vortex is a function of the Earth's four bio-rhymes that all were set to a certain configuration at a certain time. That certain time was on Aug 12 1943 when they all peaked out. The ancients knew about this, that the mother Earth was actually a living entity and has a conscious that is not fully understood. They do know that they do peak out every 40 years, usually on Aug 12. These dates were given to the US military from Nicola Tesla and were verified also by the Aliens.

A deal was made with the Grays when President Eisenhower disappeared during one of his regular golfing weekends. This deal was to include a non-interference of races in exchange for technology, and that the government would provide 75 underground bases who's construction would start some time in 1959. The grays returned in 1954 in very large numbers in one ship and many smaller shuttles at Edward's Air force Base. It is estimated that there are over 1 million Grays on the Earth today.

The Orion Alien groups were also involved and helped set up new science and technologies. By 1975 the Phoenix Project was a full function project when it was eventually sabotaged again in 1983. At that time the USS Eldridge was parked in the US Navy yard, dismantled, and never seen again (Al shows various slides of the site, the Maps, the transmission antenna, and the Eldridge.).

Using a black board, Al explains the theory of the multi-dimensional universe we live in, showing that time is actually a mathematical Torus of 5 dimensions. He states that if time is non existent, then the physical universe could also not exist (again, confirmed at the Robert Monroe Institute on "no-time"). They are a requirement of each other.

We are talking 5th order realities.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Order Realities-The three dimensional space in which we live in.
  • 4th Order Reality-Time it self.
  • 5th Order Reality-Time rate of flow.
  • 6th Order Reality-Isolation field between other realities.
  • ...
  • 11th Order Reality-Hyper space.
  • 12th Order Reality-Moving into hyper space and altering the riff.
Al explains 5th order realities on the Video. Al farther explains how 2 scientists were pulled from the future to fix the Von Neumann personnel problem (as mentioned in the First Underground video).

Video Tape:
Montauk Project: Al Bielek & Preston Nichols Lecture - Al Bielek $30.00

General Summery: Preston Nichols Video: Part 2, 45 min.

Preston Nichols lectures and shows, with a slide presentation, the details of all the workings of the Montauk "Teleportation Chair" and other areas of the project with many actual photos, schematics, and block diagrams of how the system worked. Preston was one of the key engineers and designers of the Montauk Project.

The chair was basically a mind amplifier. Using a time wave receptor, they found a way to be able to record certain psychic brain wave patterns on a computer, and be able to connect them into a physical computer thus controlling the actual reality in which we live. This consisted of three coils which were passed on to three receivers: X, Y, and Z. The standard equipment was manufactured by ITT, the giant electronic manufacture at that time. These receivers were modified RF-amplifiers using a crystal oscillators to phase the inputs properly (remember now, this is 1940,s to 1960,s technology). The chair would connect to computer and convert the information in to a thought form using the Delta-T antenna.

This technology was called Psycho-tronics and the computer essentially became a conscious machine. Just as you, as a person, reject a form which is not your own, the transmitter rejects a form which is not its own (it gets a little complicated here-Preston explains it on the video bettor). A machine could now electronically produce a consciousness, and thus create a reality surrounding it.

Actual photo where the equipment was housed

A psychic would essentially sit in the chair and the computer would decipher the patterns and send the information to a transmitter that Preston built. The transmitter was composed of a 1000 KW noise amplifier, and a Delta-T transmitter. It implemented white noise and a magnet to spin a thought form between two periods. This had to bend time in order to compensated for the proper rotation thus creating a time vortex. The result was that now a field of time waves were sent out. This is Quantum Electro Dynamics. (now currently studied by Richard Feyman).

Among some of the many interesting slides shown were the Discriminator Module, Helmoss Coils, and the famed Delta-T antenna (at the end of this video tape, Preston does a neat psychic demonstration with members of the audience using this Delta-T antenna. He was able to send out computer generated thoughts into members of the audiences minds - and yes, it does seem to work !!!).

Preston does "Psychic Brainwave Transmition" using his Dele-T Antenna

Preston's home build Delta-T Antenna Photo that was implanted in audiences's mind electronically

The Delta-T transmitter was simply an antenna that could translate time waves into a receivable format, a type of time wave receptor. This Delta-T transmitter was originally designed and built by a man the name of Nicola Turbo, which we now know today is really Nicola Tesla. Tesla knew about the technology of the Delta Time Factor which was crucial if you wanted to return safely from any alternate reality back to this one. These Delta-T antenna were placed below ground level. This time manipulation was designed by Tesla in the 1930's (amazing huh!).

This system was so large that if filled rooms. It needed both humidifiers, and de-humidifiers to regulate the temperature and composition of the amplitrons and magnetron oscillators. A Cray 1 computer, the most advanced at that time, could not "talk "to the technicians directly. A smaller PDP-11 computer was used to "talk" to the operators. They used these to calculate many Esoteric functions including the Levenston time form.

Some of the big problems they faced at Montauk was that not only were these Psychic" transmissions picked up clearly in the laboratory, but they were also pickup up outside the laboratory to any unsuspecting soul that happened be to walking by. The conscious mind was turned off. Tesla's zero time reference created noise and required hyper spiral white noise processors so as to not disturb the other equipment. Preston shows many actual photos of the Montauk base buildings (inside and outside) among which, at that time, were top secret.

Actual Antenna used in experiments Antenna blueprints
Much of this information was received from crashed UFO's and Alien technology exchange. AIL, the company that Preston used to work at, was surprised to find out years later, that after his brain washing wore off, he was able to pull back memories of him working there. When he inquired about his work record, AIL denied that he had ever been there-yet he could describe their equipment perfectly.
Video Tape:
Montauk Project: Al Bielek & Preston Nichols Lecture - Preston Nichols $30.00

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